O'Neill's Electronic Museum

Penn Valley California

A Private Collection of Early Electronic Equipment and Unique Electronic Components
Anecdotes and Insights into Electronic History
1850 to 1950
Based on the collection of the late Rudolph Mangold

Originally it was our goal to keep the collection intact and present it to the public locally. Sadly we are ceasing efforts in this area due to health issues of the primaries involved. Because of our inability to find a proper local venue we are now placing the entire collection, as a whole, up for sale. The value was incredibly difficult to estimate. There are many items without precedent as far as establishing value is concerned. In addition, the historical continuity of the collection must be seen to be appreciated. It is truly a "Museum in a Box". The inflation adjusted number of Mr. Mangold's valuation before his passing is approximately 430,000$ (USD).
That being said, we will consider all serious offers. Any particularly low offers need to be accompanied by supporting explanations (a "reality check") to allow us to make informed decisions regarding the sale of this fine collection. We will take ownership of all deliveries within the continental United States. Deliveries outside of the continental US will be negotiated as needed.
Kevin O'Neill

Bids on individual pieces will not be accepted.

In this museum you will find numerous one of a kind items dating from as far back as 1860. Most of the items are being researched. Most of the pictures lead to much larger photos. Patience with phone lines is needed. I have done this in order that the items can be fully examined by those individuals who desire to see the details.
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Deutsche Version.
Please pardon me for all translation errors.

The original technical notes are German and English mixed. The translation of complex technical writing to and from another language has been a formidable task. The decision to build a German half of the site was driven by the amount of notes in that language. I wished to place these notes (Tube Museum, Tube Technical notes, and Basel Amateur Radio History) up for public viewing. As this site is built some pages will be displayed as generated by the Babylon and Systran Translators. All pages will eventually be reviewed and updated but this is a slow process. Patience is therefore required to read some pages.
There is a dictionary that I will be contributing specific words I come across to. It can be accessed at:

Schematics are the language of electronics. They provide a concise and comprehensive diagrammatic description of a circuit. Schematics.com allows users to connect and share designs and ideas in a like-minded community

The school in Basel Switzerland that R. Mangold founded.
Jugendelektronik-Zentren beider Basel

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