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Ferdinand Braun: His life in references.

Submitted by Dr. Klaus Stadler, 07-06-2000 in Fulda

All italics mine. KKO

1850 Born in Fulda, Germany

1868 Advanced Studies, Universities at Marburg and Berlin

1870 Assistant (professor?) Berlin and Würzburg

1872 Advancement of Helmholtz's string oscillation work

1872 Cooperated on the music magazine "Fliegende Blätter"

1874 Teacher of natural sciences at the Thomas school in Leipzig

Discovery of the semiconductor effect

(Fuldaer newspaper is created, first exhibition of the Impressionists in Paris)

1876 Book "The Young Mathematician and Natural Scientist"

1877 Associate Professor at Marburg University

1878 Contributions to thermodynamics

1880 Associate Professor at Strassburg University

1883 Senior Professor at Karlsruhe University

1884 Electric Pyrometer

1885 Senior Professor at Tübingen University

1887 Electrometer (Voltmeter), LeChâtelier-Braun-Principle

1895 Senior Professor at Tübingen University

1897 Braun Cathode Ray Tube Developed (oscilloscope tube)

1897 First attempts at underwater and wireless telegraphy

1898 Braun transmitter, Patent Nr.115081

1898 Call to Leipzig rejected

Founded "Funkentelegraphie GmbH" based in Cologne

1899 Wireless telegraphy attempts in Cuxhaven

Crystal detector = Crystal diode

1900 Conclusion of the attempts in Cuxhaven with first connection after to? Helgoland

Braun-Siemens Company founded in Berlin

1901 Radio relay links attempted in Polygon (triangular link antenna??) in Strassburg

1903 The Kaiser demands continuity of telegraphy in Germany, Telefunken founded for this reason

1903 Grid flow electro magnetic experiments, Maxwell´s equations

1905 Turned down call from Berlin , Rector of Strassburg University

1905 Albert Schweitzer student of Prof. Braun

1909 Recipient of Nobel Prize

1913 Invents the quad antenna, absolute field strength measurement

1914 Experiments with the Graf Zeppelin at Bodensee

Journeys during Winter to the still neutral USA, due to a patent dispute. The 7777 Patent vs. Marconi?

Fellow of the Institute of Radio Engineers (Now IEEE)

1917 Honorary Doctor University Vienna

1918 in Brooklyn Passed Away